Who We Are

Thought Partners. Action Takers.

Tapping into decades of communications, financial, healthcare and government experience, Volt Strategic Partners help clients to build business, successfully navigate capital complexities and bring innovation to market. We present unobvious thinking and deliver big ideas that help our partners win the hearts and minds of investors, partners and other business audiences that matter. Sometimes through surprise and delight. Other times through shock and awe. But always communicated with precision through a modern growth narrative.


We partner with you to discover new and emerging opportunities for your business; producing ongoing insight that helps guide strategic decisions that create positive action and significant enterprise value. We work closely with our trusted network partners to raise capital, generate awareness, build out teams, and unearth new business opportunities. We piece together complex business networks to create value in unforeseen places and work with you to achieve your goals – whatever they may be. We believe in partnerships, not transactions.