Volt Strategic Research’s mission is to help tackle the growing micro and small-cap research gap.

Our Innovation Economy celebrates technological change and positive disruption as engines that help power economic growth, yet it’s still extremely difficult for emerging micro and small-cap companies to secure and retain quality analyst coverage. Our research team works to identify untapped or under-explored areas of opportunity, helping to kick-start and attract additional and ongoing analyst coverage for greater visibility.

Volt Strategic Research’s fee-based investment research provides in-depth information based on business principles and direct conversations with management teams – all governed by policies designed to preserve objectivity in the analytical process.

Our Principles and Policies

Volt Strategic Research Principles and Policies

Volt Strategic’s fee-based research is governed by policies designed to assure quality, integrity, and objectivity in the analytical process.

Core principles

  • The foundation of Volt Strategic Research’s product and brand are credibility, objectivity, and integrity.
  • Volt Strategic is committed to providing a product of the highest quality, focusing on rigor in the financial estimate and valuation analysis process, and providing a well-thought-out investment thesis.
  • Volt Strategic seeks to be impactful to the investment process by concentrating research on the most important investment drivers. Our policy is to publish quarterly reports that highlight key events, drivers, and catalysts of growth.

Conflict of Interest and Ethics Management

  • Volt Strategic Research has no sales, trading, or investment banking business.
  • Volt Strategic Research clients have zero editorial rights to the product.
  • Volt Strategic Research analysts are members of, and/or are bound by the ethical standards of, the CFA Institute.
  • When research is discontinued on a stock, Volt Strategic Research will publish a final report with estimates making this clear.
  • Volt Strategic Research and any employees, contractors, directors, or officers are not Investment Advisors.

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Sept 2020
VersaBank: The Future of Banking

Sept 2020
VersaBank: The Future of Banking

Sept 2020
VersaBank: The Future of Banking